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Others Baglama

Others Baglama
Thumbnail of La Bella BA1 Baglama Silverplated
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La Bella BA1 Baglama Silverplated

String set baglama, silverplated wound, 58" long, 3x007-019W-2x011-024W

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Others Baglama
Thumbnail of D'Addario EJ91 Baglamas-Tzouras
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D'Addario EJ91 Baglamas-Tzouras

.010 . 010 . 013 . 013 . 010 . 022w

D'Addario EJ91 Baglamas-Tzouras strings are manufactured from nickelplated steel wound strings and tin plated plain steels, optimized for both instrument scale lengths, tuned DDAD. D'Addario offers a wide variety of ethnic instrument strings designed to the exacting specifications of ou...

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