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Others Viola de Terra

The Viola da terra is a stringed musical instrument from the The Azores. It has 12 strings in 5 courses. The strings are made of steel. It is tuned A4 A4 A3, D4 D4 D3, G3 G3, B3 B3, D4 D4. The lower 2 courses have 3 strings each (2 of them high octaves and the third a low octave). The higher 3 courses have 2 strings each, all tuned in unison. The scale length is about 520mm. There is also a smaller version called a Requinto. Like all Portuguese violas, the number of bridge pins does not match the number of strings, and often there are 3 or so strings on each pin, as can be seen in the close-up of the bridge and saddle.

Others Viola de Terra
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Dragão D068 Viola de Terra silverplated

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12 string set for Viola de terra, DDBBGGDDDAAA tuning

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