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Others Viola Amarantina

The viola amarantina is a stringed musical instrument from Amarante, Northern Portugal. It is also named viola de dois corações (two-hearted guitar) because of the two heart-shaped frontal openings. It has 10 strings in 5 courses. The strings are made of steel. It is tuned D3 D2, A3 A2, B3 B2, E3 E3, A3 A3. It is traditional to construct the viola amarantina from walnut for the sides, pine for the soundboard and the neck in mahogany. The viola amarantina is also sometimes played in Cabo Verde.

Others Viola Amarantina
Thumbnail of Dragão D013 Viola Amarantina 5 course silverplated
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Dragão D013 Viola Amarantina 5 course silverplated

.009 . 009 . 011 . 011 . 020w . 009 . 020W . 009 . 026w . 011

10 string set for the Viola Amarantina Tuning AA EE BB AA DD

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