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The lyre is similar in appearance to a small harp but with distinct differences. A classical lyre has a hollow body or sound-chest (also known as soundbox or resonator), which, in ancient Greek tradition, was made out of turtle shell.[8] Extending from this sound-chest are two raised arms, which are sometimes hollow, and are curved both outward and forward. They are connected near the top by a crossbar or yoke. An additional crossbar, fixed to the sound-chest, makes the bridge which transmits the vibrations of the strings. The deepest note was that farthest from the player's body; as the strings did not differ much in length, more weight may have been gained for the deeper notes by thicker strings, as in the violin and similar modern instruments, or they were tuned by having a slacker tension. The strings were of gut. They were stretched between the yoke and bridge, or to a tailpiece below the bridge. There were two ways of tuning: one was to fasten the strings to pegs which might be turned; the other was to change the place of the string upon the crossbar; probably both expedients were used simultaneously.

Others Lyre
Thumbnail of Lenzner 12 string - Nylon Lyre set hard tension, Ball end
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Lenzner 12 string - Nylon Lyre set hard tension, Ball end

A handcrafted 12 string set for a 22,75" scale Lyre. in pentatonic c-major tuning ( A=432Hz ) Please note this set is a Nylon set in hard tension, equipped with ball-ends. tuning is A-H-c-d-e-f-g-a-h-c'-d'-e'

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