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Others Timple
Thumbnail of Drag&atilde;o D056 Timple cubano
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Dragão D056 Timple cubano

.011 . 011 . 014 . 014 . 022w . 022w .

6 string set for 3 course Timple cubano Ball-end

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Others Timple
Thumbnail of Aquila 5CH Timple Canario
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Aquila 5CH Timple Canario

Aquila TIMPLE CANARIO SOPRANO SET: D (cantino), A, E, C, G. compared to Nylon, the New Nylgut® produces a better sound and stays in tune better, this because the moisture absorption is less of .1% against the 2.0% of Nylon normally employed for the musical strings (i.e. Du Pont Tynex® p...

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