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Preview of Pedulla PS4C Hex core Stainless Light 40-100

Pedulla PS4C Hex core Stainless Light 40-100

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Premium Bassbuilder Pedulla makes some of the most awesome basses available. to fit these High end basses they wanted strings that would give them that special finishing touch.

Pedulla has created their unique strings by their specific formula of string material, core, diameter and consistency of wraps, tension of wraps, and number of wraps. Giving Pedulla Bass Strings their tension feel, focus, attack and tone.
Pedulla strings are tapered to one wrap at the bridge section on the B E A and D strings which allows the string to focus rapidly on the fundamental and "make the bend" over the saddle with the proper angle while keeping the tension just right.

One critical element in all Pedulla Bass String Sets is the string to string balance. Multiple tight windings of specially chosen materials provide a robust lively sound, from the Low B-String to the High C-String while responding clearly to the players touch.

Pedulla Stainless Steel Bass Strings deliver punch, power, and a big bottom end with a bright, wet attack.

Pedulla Stainless Steel Bass String Construction:

Stainless Steel Wraps
Hex Core
Tapered E, A, and D Strings
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Bass Electric
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String # inch mm
1 .040 1.016
2 .060 1.524
3 .080 2.032
4 .100 2.540
Brand: Pedulla
Serie: Stainless
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