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Preview of Dogal JH171 - 4 string Jonas Hellborg  Set 035-102  Pure Nickel / stranded core

Dogal JH171 - 4 string Jonas Hellborg Set 035-102 Pure Nickel / stranded core

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After meeting abd befriending Mr Hellborg in 2017, and receiving positive positive feedback on the Dogal Carbon Steel Bass strings, we are now at long last launching the 'Hellborg' bass strings worldwide. They are the result of a close collaboration between Dogal and the world famous bassist. More than three years were needed to develop these strings to a level where Jonas is happy to give them his name. The Swedish bassist, famous not only for his collaboration with John McLaughlin, Billy Cobham, Shawn Lane, Ginger Baker (and many others), but also for his revolutionary approach to instrument and gear design, recognized the benefit that the long tradition and know-how of Dogal to create the strings for classical instruments would have on the design of strings for bass guitar.
Quoting Jonas, "Bass strings have always been made like bigger versions of guitar strings when in fact they need very different qualities. As you increase the diameter of guitar strings, they become very stiff with inferior intonation and clarity of tone". That is how it came about through sustained, careful R&D, drawing on Dogal's competence in the making of particularly violin and cello strings, the Hellborg strings saw the light of day.
Tnks to Jonas Hellborg for his friendship, his incredible creativity and focused mind, you are a revolutionalry !!

Pure Nickel on a stranded core, offering low tension, improved intonation and impressive flexibility.
He came to Dogal to goal create strings with a new level of "in tune", he wanted the entire overtone series to be "in tune". A completely new approach was needed. As opposed to a standard solid, these strings use a unique stranded woven wire core and instead of successive wraps to reach the right gauge, they use one pass of the perfect thickness wrap wire.

Hellborg believes stiffness is one of the primary causes of poor intonation and out-of-tune overtones This unique construction provides unparalleled flexibility and along with actual pure nickle wrap results in a outstanding beauty of tone and ease of playing.
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String # inch mm
1 .035 0.889
2 .052 1.321
3 .072 1.829
4 .102 2.591
Brand: Dogal
Serie: Jonas Hellborg
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